Writing dissertation

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In order to obtain an academic degree (bachelor, master, PhD), it is necessary to perform rather voluminous and complex research or scientific work. Very often, the author of a dissertation, even in the presence of the collected material and written several chapters of the dissertation, is not able to quickly put it all together and finish the work within a certain period of time. Therefore, some professional services offer writing individual chapters or all scientific and research work at the best prices.

Description of the dissertation structure

Basically the PhD thesis contains a title page, a table of contents (or content), if necessary, a list of conditional abbreviations, an introduction, 3 to 5 chapters of the main text (usually three chapters of the thesis), conclusions, and a list of references and applications (if available). The doctoral thesis is not strictly regulated and in most cases, is written on the basis of the candidate’s work.

When writing the dissertation chapters, you should follow these recommendations:

Title page

This is the first page of the dissertation. It should contain the name of the educational institution or organization, the full name of the author, the name of the work, the number of the specialty, the name of the supervisor (the academic title and degree are also indicated), and the place and year of the dissertation.

Table of Contents

In the table of contents are written all the headings of the sections of work (except for subtitles), and on the right, the title is indicated with the number of the page from which they begin.


The introduction is intended for a brief introduction to the essential points of the thesis. Here should be displayed:

  • relevance, goals, objectives;
  • novelty;
  • scientific significance and practical applicability;
  • approbation of the work and what the author himself did;
  • volume and structure of work.

Main part

It consists of three chapters. Chapters must disclose the topic of the dissertation. The first chapter is theoretical, and it reveals the history of the issue, as other researchers previously considered it.