Act essay

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From now on, if you pass the ACT with the Writing section, you will be offered an instruction with the name of the topic, and then you will be asked to consider three different points of view. You can write a direct thesis (agree/disagree) in response to each of them (this is the easiest way) or form your own opinion based on one or several concepts (more likely to get confused). No matter which option you choose, you will need to pay attention to each of the points of view in your essay.

Compared with the old essay in ACT, the new one, of course, looks more complicated: now you are dealing not with one question, but with three separate approaches. For a concise period, you need to penetrate and analyze a lot of information, and then also write your opinion.

If you are a graduate student, retake the ACT and coped with the AP Complex test (or AP French / Spanish / Italian language test) last year, then you have a head start because you have some experience in integrating several arguments in your writing.

Most importantly, your argument should be the focus of the synthesis essay. The requirement to consider many points of view does not affect this fact. On the contrary, your task is to evaluate these views in light of your own opinion. Therefore, you can consider an ACT essay as a standard abstract-based essay in which you have to discuss not only your approach but also other views on the problem. Your thoughts remain in the foreground.

Do not assume that considering different points of view makes your task difficult. Еhe opinions of others provide material for the work, and you don’t have to come up with almost anything. They simplify the work.

To facilitate the task, you should first take into account different views, and with their help, determine your own point of view. Having received a clear thesis, you can go back and insert different opinions into your narration. To simplify your life, concentrate on discussing one approach in a paragraph (agree/disagree).